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ProBioTech Profile

PBT has been established since 2011. Initially, the company was committed to the research and application of cell biotechnology, cooperated with many cell laboratories around the world, pursued new cell technology, and helped promote the clinical application of new technology. Over the past few years, more than more than 400 cases have been used in the treatment of cells and stem cells. Initially, because cell therapy is restricted by national regulations, it is often difficult for people in need to accept new cell technologies easily. PBT helps clients in need to receive safe and local regulatory cell therapy services smoothly.

In the process of new biotechnology extension, medical teams and laboratories of various countries are also exposed. I am deeply aware that new technologies will face difficult challenges in their promotion, such as the lack of regulations on new technologies in various countries, which makes it difficult for new technologies to develop smoothly, or the new technologies can not be immediately understood and accepted, and so on, which also makes it impossible for people with such needs to be met. So PBT also plays the role of medical integration, covering the research and promotion of new technologies, the assistance of overseas cell therapy, the assistance of Taiwan's medical examination and professional medical (such as infertility, cardiovascular diseases, etc. - Taiwan has the advantages of medical technology and price), the development of high-performance cosmetics with autologous growth factors, and transnational medical exchanges (such as transnational medical exchanges). The services are currently conducted in China/Hong Kong/Taiwan/Australia/Southeast Asia.

Advisers: Pro. PAI, SHOU-HSIUNG
                Dr. LIAO JOSEPH
                Dr. TSAI MEI-CHIH
                Dr. CHAO RONG-CHIEH